Imagine what would be possible, if you could change your THOUGHTS!


Rahman Beckwith, PsyD is here to help you find joy! Using a mixture of Positive Psychology and spirituality she helps people to reach new levels of wonderful feelings and experiences in their lives! Happiness awaits you now!   

Through a variety of techniques and tools, and through the use of appreciation-based happiness enhancing techniques, she helps you to become a happier and thus more successful person!


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Investing in your happiness actually increases your success according to Harvard’s research on what is called ‘The Happiness Advantage’ (Achor, 2010). This means that instead of striving for success and gains at all costs, sacrificing our rest, peace, and joy, we would actually do better to attain happiness first, and then allow the positive material outcomes to follow! So whatever your situation may be presently, there is no better way to improve it, than to start improving your inner state today! Sign up for happiness coaching sessions here.

And the good news is that this type of positive thinking is not just about putting on rose-colored glasses and forgetting your problems. Wait- actually it is!!… But in the forgetting you become a person who is better able to RESOLVE your problems from a new perspective. Instead of wrestling with the status quo, the new, happy you will see NEW SOLUTIONS. Your brain is scientifically shown to be more versatile and resourceful when you are feeling good!!  Thus, through this process, a great many of your pressing problems in all areas will be resolved with much less effort on your part as you become the happier, more capable version of yourself!


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Dr. Beckwith’s Training:
Psy.D.- Holistic and Spiritual Psychology, Eisner Institute
M.S.- Counseling, International Institute for Restorative Practices
B.A.- Molecular Biology, Princeton University



Self-Healing Meditation     

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